DeliverIt App

The fully decentralized, blockchain based delivery app

What can I do with it?

We’re glad you asked.

The app allows you to launch, deliver and receive a package. You can request a delivery and pay for it, you can perform deliveries for payment, and, of course, you can receive deliveries.

Ready to Launch? Let's start!

The PAKET network uses the Stellar distributed ledger, so when you run the app for the first time, it will ask you to enter a mnemonic or a secret seed. If you don't have a Stellar account, we will gladly generate one for you.


Account Creation

During the account creation process you will be asked for some identifying details, and you will be presented with a mnemonic made of 12 words. Make sure you backup your mnemonic. We are going to make sure you did!

Note: no one else, including PAKET and Stellar servers, ever has access to your mnemonic, and should you lose it, no one will be able to restore your account.

Once your account is created, we will fund it with some XLM and BUL to get you started. The app also includes options to purchase BUL and XLM directly from our funding server.


Packages Tab

Once you are logged in, the default view is a list of your packages (don't keep it empty for too long!). Click a package to see all its details: package description and status, payment, collateral, and more.

In the "Available" tab you will find a list of nearby packages waiting for a courier. Click an item for more details, with an option to reserve packages you wish to deliver yourself.


Launch Your First Package

Start by clicking the "Send Package" button. We're going to ask you to fill in all the required details, including the address or user name of the intended recipient, a deadline for the delivery, the promised payment and the required collateral. We will also ask you to add a photo of your package. It's very helpful.


Want to deliver a package? Start by reserving it

Once a request for a delivery enters the system, potential couriers in the vicinity can see it on the "Available" packages tab. Once one of them reserves the delivery, you, the launcher of the delivery, will be notified.


Your Courier has Arrived

When you, the launcher, meet the intended courier, it is time for the two of you to commit to the delivery. When you click your package's listing in the "Mine" packages tab, you will see a "Deposit Payment" button. Once you click it, the payment will be removed from your wallet and placed in escrow, pending the success or failure of the delivery. You will then be displayed with a QR-code. You will need to let the courier scan this QR code, so that he can commit as well.


Your Package is Here

Accepting a package, either as a courier or as the final recipient, requires that the person currently in possession of the package display the QR code provided in the package details screen. The user accepting the package can then click the "Receive" button in the "Packages" tab to activate the camera and scan the code.

If the user accepting the package is a courier, the app will display the package details for confirmation. Once confirmation is given, the collateral will be removed from the courier's wallet and placed in escrow, pending the failure or success of the current leg of the route.

If the user accepting the package is the recipient, the package is considered delivered and payment will be released from the escrow directly to the courier's wallet.


Wallet Tab

The wallet tab lets you track your BUL and XLM balance, purchase BUL and XLM, and send BUL to other accounts. The wallet can be side-swiped between BUL and XLM functions. In the BUL section you can send BUL to another Stellar address or a user-name on our system, and you can purchase BUL - which will generate a BTC or ETH address for you to send funds to. In the XLM section there is a similar option for purchasing XLM.


Profile Tab

In the profile tab you can edit your personal details, your notification preferences, and display/copy your secret data for backup.


About Tab

Here you will find some general information, useful links, and access to some advanced settings.


Open Issues

Follow open issues on GitHub

How to bulid the app

Follow the guide

YOU can Improve the app

  • Fork the github repository at
  • Create a new branch for your fix / feature
  • Improve the app
  • Commit and push your changes
  • Issue a pull request

If you are unclear about anything, please go to the developers page for ways to contact us and other developers.