PAKET - Incentive Programs

Earn Tokens by Giving to the Community

True to the decentralized spirit of the PAKET Project, we issue the following rewards to people who help the project out.

All rewards will be given in BUL tokens once they go public, but registered Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) can receive up to 60% of the reward in other crypto or fiat currencies. Interested in joining our registered list of ISVs? Contact us.

If you have a way to contribute to an effort that isn't listed in this page, do not get discouraged. Please contact us, if it's a good idea we will add it.

If you wish to contribute in a way that is listed in this page, but feel that the reward is too low, please let us know. We will consider matters, and if we find that you are correct, we will raise the reward accordingly. We're just starting with this program and we expect to update it often.

Contact us at:

Bug Bounty

We pay you for every bug you find. We pay you more if you create a pull request that fixes it.

DescriptionRewardReward for Fix
Find a new minor bug€5€5
Find a new serious bug€50€100
Find a new major bug€500At least a €1000, but talk to us first, it could be more


Translate our website to a new language€250
Translate our mobile app to a new language€450
Improve an existing translation€30

Code Improvements

These issues require some familiarity with the PAKET protocol and the current software.

Update the paket branch of our fork of the py-stellar library€200
Make the package ID of the routing layer agnostic to the escrow pubkey€500
Create a fork of our paket_stellar library that embeds the merge operations in the payment/refund/relay transactions€200
Create a fork of our routing server that supports payment/refund/relay transactions with embedded merge operations€500
Create a fork of our mobile app that supports embedded merge operations€700

Independent Projects

These are just general ideas. If you are considering a project that involves the PAKET protocol and ecosystem, we urge you to contact us weather it fits one of the descriptions or not. We will be very happy to help.

Create your own mobile application€5,000
Create a web application€3,000
Create a package visualization app€1,000